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Iron Man finally finds a release date on PSVR


Sony announces on Twitter the official release date of Iron Man VR. Until then, postponed to an uncertain date, it is finally on July 3rd that the title will be available..

When We Stayed Home unveils on Oculus the emptiness of confined cities


Available on Oculus, When We Stayed Home is a documentary series that shows the empty streets of cities around the world in April 2020. An almost dreamlike experience to relive this unforgettable facet of the various containment measures.

Sidequest has been downloaded more than a million times in less than a year.


Sidequest, the parallel download platform for the Oculus Quest is a huge success and has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Adding haptics to the helmet to counter RV nausea


A team of researchers has developed a system to improve locomotion in virtual reality. WalkingVibe adds haptics to the helmet to reduce the motion sickness often associated with RV.

Gaming Station Cybershoes

Cybershoes Shoes for Walking in VR Games - Gaming Station Including Cyberchair and Cybercarpet - Virtual Reality

Virtual reality studies and figures

In this category, you will find all the figures and studies on virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality essential for companies and professionals in the sector. Centralized information that will allow you to better understand the sector, the markets and the potential of these emerging technologies.

May 2020

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e-sport VR

Follow the e-sport news in virtual reality and augmented reality around the world.

Oculus Quest

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Virtual Reality is a fascinating way of traveling, using nothing more than the magic of technology. VR lets you look around a virtual space with headset and motion tracking as if you're actually there. It's also been a groundbreaking technology that's never really caught on for decades. but with the current wave of VR devices, that is constantly changing. and for documenting this change we brought to you, a future-obsessed Virtual Reality Magazine. obsessed with everything related to the future and specifically Virtual Reality technology and its incredible potential.

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